Okay2BYou is about developing a conscious approach to life so that we can undo the limiting beliefs we have that hold us back from living the life we want, feeling the way we want to feel, and being the person we want to be.

  • Personal Coaching Sessions - Sessions are held via Skype.  Your first session is free and after that the price is $65/Hour.  Visit the Coaching Sessions page for more information.

  • Blog and Youtube channel - You can find information on many different topics by reading the blog and watching the Youtube videos.  You can send suggestions and requests for blog and video topics to NicoleNelson@Okay2BYou.com.  

  • Storytelling Open Mic Night -  Okay2BYouth Story Jam happens on the 3rd Monday of every month at Twigg's Coffeehouse on Park Blvd.  Visit the Okay2BYouth Story Jam section for more information.

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Nicole Nelson, Creator of Okay2BYou

Nicole Nelson, Creator of Okay2BYou
I believe that all of our problems in life stem from a belief we have that something about us is not okay.  I spent most of my life feeling tortured from that belief, and now I want to share with others how I stopped causing myself to suffer and started practicing the art of believing that it is Okay2BYou.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by using the form below, or you can email me at NicoleNelson@Okay2BYou.com

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